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Alone on the Marsh – (after JP) 2021


This body of work was made over the past year, in my island studio off the coast of Maine, during the pandemic, accompanied by political and social unrest, and environmental catastrophe - a time of great fear and uncertainty for everyone, and personal loss and homesickness for me. During the ‘lockdown’, with the world engulfed in an atmosphere of tumult and suffering, I found myself questioning the relevance of landscape painting. What is its meaning in this upturned world? Living in relative isolation, I realized this past year that I have always ‘sheltered in place’, making paintings with a deep respect for nature and taking comfort and solace in my connection to it - humbled by the impermanence of living things contrasted against the steadfastness of the mountains and rivers and the sea.   These paintings are a deep expression of my reverence for the landscape and its healing powers, and an honoring and celebration of nature. And this feels supremely important.

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